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Image by Samuel Branch

Many veterans have served this land... yet many have not had the opportunity to explore it. With every purchase, you are supporting our "Go there" giveaway mission to send U.S. Veterans to beautiful American destinations. The American soldier has made our wandering possible. 25% of our profits are allocated to this initiative.

Let's begin...

Do you know a U.S. Veteran that has dreamed of visiting one of America's beautiful landmarks?  The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Key West, Red Wood Forest, Hawaii, The Smokey Mountains,  anywhere USA... we want to hear from you. Share with us the story of a U.S. Veteran you would like to see win the very first WanderRags "Go There" giveaway. 25% of all profits are currently being allocated for the very first giveaway. You submissions are kept private.


Due to the volume of submissions received, not all submissions will be awarded or responded to. We are grateful for your time on this and the service of the Veteran you have submitted on behalf of. Thank you!

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